Fursday From The Gulag: Lexi


And with a full bar. Slide me one. Oh, and don’t forget to embiggenify.

9 Responses

  1. Beer nuts ‘n beaver. These are two of my favorite things. I’ll take two shots of what she’s servin’ up. Matter of fact, she can just keep ’em coming until we both pass out.

  2. What a cute lil thing. 🙂

  3. Furburgers have always been my favorite pub-grub.

  4. Special Sauce

  5. She’s staring (at me?)!

  6. I’ll bet she really goes for a long-pull of penis colada— at least two fingers worth, maybe three.

  7. Well, BC, that can be done with no fingers at all. Just sayin’.

  8. ‘Tis true, SG. But, since we’re in the Cumputer Age, there’s always room for a little digital manipulation.

  9. Mercy! Mind you, Siberia is a very nice place, yes?

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