Best AGW Hoax Promotion EVAH

I’m…not really seeing a downside here. Backside? Oh, yeah. 😉

I found it at Tom Nelson’s yesterday, and only had time to share it on Teh Twit. Oh, and speaking of sharing, here’s something I really recommend you spread around the hyperverse. Just sayin’.

15 Responses

  1. Ahh, yes, the best weapon against statist propaganda – BIKINI SNOOCH SATIRE. Lady Struan loved it.

  2. Follow the link….

  3. I did. I be flyin’ man. -:)

  4. Perfection!

  5. Awww yeah. 🙂

  6. I’m burning a big pile of coal in the back courtyard right now! Bring it on! 😆

  7. Let’s see: 2079 is 66 years into the future. The average rate of global warming (which hasn’t in the last 16 years) is, what, 0.2 degrees celsius per decade? So, in 66 years, given a constant rise, the temps should be 1.32 degrees celsius warmer than now. That ad, although filled with glorious, though covered, snooch, is pure bullshit.

  8. Hell, I’d burn the whole house down.

  9. Want a laugh, Ogrrre, Some nimrod over at ThinkProgress hyped a study that said we have to cut our CO2 emissions in half by 2020. 1/2 in SEVEN YEARS? Bwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    I love the shrill shrieking of the dying hoax. I just hope some of these assholes go to jail.

  10. From Ace – NYT shocker: Global warming averted impending ice age

    It is absolutely impossible to shame or embarras them or – for them to feel any.

  11. Struan–I saw that earlier. I didn’t delve to see the inevitable “the models predicted this perfectly”–when they did nothing of the kind.
    They count on people being too stupid to do a 5 second Google search. Scumbags.

  12. And the “people” comport as expected of a flock. I’ve been swimming upstream the River of Apathy for a long time on a lot of different fronts and now I’m gettin tired.

    It’s the gentle pools and eddys of snooch along the way that keeps me going.

  13. Global Warming Averted impending ice age. So, instead of taxing carbon dioxide, the watermelons need to make sure we get tax credits teh more carbon dioxide we produce. Once again American ingenuity and our gas guzzling SUVs and muscle cars have saved teh world from an icy destruction. You whiny bitches owe us for the saved crops and saved lives. Pay up now, beyotches!

  14. Is this really intended as satire? I can’t tell. Of course, if it’s serious AGW propaganda, then it’s even funnier.

  15. I think it really was supposed to be serious.
    Welcome to the puzzle house, Beale.

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