BTW, You Guys Are Awesome


With no real notice, you…came…as it were, by final tally 4,342. Now that’s a hockey stick. TY to LC and Clambake for the pimpage. And to all the rest of you also. Have a cookie.


12 Responses

  1. Oooo! Dental floss!

  2. Now is that a happy bicycle seat or what?

  3. I dub her, “Hockey-stick Maker”!

    That isn’t a hockey stick on your stats – that’s a friggin’ skyscraper l!

    A Stat-Woody!

    Glad we could boost your numbers.

    And … to WP … neener, neener, neener! 😛

  4. Yeah, well it’s not all snooch and giggles, McGoo. I just made a rather large faux pas trying to export and import old files. See the next post for edification.

  5. Look at it this way.

    You get a chance to update your blogroll.

  6. I’ll take a different type of cookie 😉

  7. Formwiz, welcome to the puzzle house.
    Yeah, that blogroll is from, like, four years ago, and definitely needs updating.

  8. Screw the cookies… I’m goin’ in for whiskerbiscuits ‘n gravy!

  9. You’re wish is my command. 😈

  10. Should I be afraid???

  11. I’ll be gentle. 😉 Unless of course you prefer….
    I know you have a machete, so like I said, your wish…

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Smartass 😛

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