Spassfabrik: Curse Of The Code Monkeys

Well since they shut down the homeworld for some imagined violation of TOS, here’s some snoocherie to tide you over…


Carrie Stevens07

Isis Taylor

19 Responses

  1. WTF??????????????????? What had you supposedly done, irked some politiski? Good that this is here, and those of us that know you know where it is.

  2. Don’t you know that it’s bad to go against the narrative?

  3. Finally tracked you down, sorry to hear of your troubles with the code monkeys. Most importantly – Did you rescue Jade before the plug was pulled?
    Glad to hear you had a backup plan.

  4. I actually had a post featuring Jade set for tomorrow, the beginning of my 5th year hectoring the hyperverse. C’est la vie.
    As you can see, Site Y has a plethora of snooch, having been designed expressly for Spassfabrik. Enjoy. Look around.

  5. Have you filed suit yet? Interruption of service, defamation of character, libal…

    Seriously though, I’d demand chapter and verse on exactly what the infraction was. I wonder what the bullshit story is they’ll use as cover for the actual reason for cancellation…which is your repeated heresy against libtardism.

  6. They’ll tell me in a day or two, Harbqll. Until then I’ll hang here. Stop over tomorrow; blogversary.

  7. I guess the BigOilKochBrothersFoxNewsDenierConspiracyâ„¢ was taking the weekend off. Come Monday morning, the sinister gears should start turning and get the main site back on.

  8. I was wondering what had happened. I was concerned that you were disappeared because you had not fallen in line with the “consensus”. Glad to know I can still obtain the minimum daily adult requirement of looking at SNOOCH!

  9. I quite like the rhinestone chain the first one is wearing 🙂

  10. You make my day. Day after day don’t go away.

  11. SG, you should start a pool as to the excuse/reason for the “violation of terms of service”. I’m guessing that last post about Weepy Bill caused his panties to get in a bunch and he complained to WordPress about how you were being mean to him.

  12. BTW, if you want to give me the lady in photo #2 above for Christmas, I would most certainly appreciate it.

  13. Those assholes better let you go in and grab all of your old stuff if they insist on keeping SG off the air. There had better be an official note of complaint with the filer’s name and IP address.

  14. I’m just glad we could find you. Ok, I live a sad existence…

  15. I’m sure the murder promoting abortionist sites are up, and the liberal lgbt fight for wedded bliss sites are supported oh and the anti-gun sites are most likely freely accessed… fuck a bunch of politix.. fuck em in the eye socket…


  16. And there was snooch. And it was good.


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  18. OK here you are!

  19. I have always been here, Michael. But I will be mostly here…

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