Lynda Redwine Spassfarbrik Solo Spectacular


(Click for awesome embiggenification.)

15 Responses

  1. …..I kinda wish she hadn’t shaved.

  2. sultry and smoking hot. Like solar flare hot. Thanks for the wake-up. OOPS my wife Buzzkill woke up.

  3. I bet men would just love to drink Redwine 😉

  4. Dan, my man, I was thinking *egzakly* the same. Not that either of us would have denied performing the procedure…


  5. Yeah, LC. It goes very well with meat. 😉

  6. I don’t care of her snizz is covered with a shag carpet or as slick as an oiled marble floor… I’d lick her biscuit gravy like a hound dog doin’ the dishes after a fish fry.

  7. Stunning simile, BC.
    I can see you pushin’ her across the kitchen floor now.

  8. red red wine make me feel so fine, feel so fine, feel so fine…

  9. I do like the smoothies.

  10. Yos / Si Vis Pacem, on April 5, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Holy Hanna, ‘Ran’! Is that you? Does your wife know you’re here?

  11. YUP. Er, yup that’s me. NOPE, she doesn’t know.

    Great to see ya again! Damian’s blog seems to be chugging along at it’s own pace.

    Where else do you hang out these days?


  12. Beautiful eyes. Or am I the only one who noticed them?

  13. She had eyes? But seriously, I agree. She had everything, and gorgeous eyes. The windows to the soul.

  14. I prefer naturals to plastic.

  15. I must disagree… I absolutely LOVE going down, but I hate flossing. So neatly trimmed or shaved is my preference. Having said that, OH HELL YEAH I WOULD LICK IT!

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