Spassfabrik: The Stimulus To Save The Planet

Despite all scientific evidence, it appears our AGW overlords are intent on enacting a world wide carbon trading Ponzi scheme under the guise of saving the planet. I, therefore, am announcing the erection of the Spassfabrik Stimulus Services Trading Co. Inc. platform. Just incessantly click on the newly created Spassfabrik Widget at the home world—props to Woody in IT for its creation—and SSSTC Inc. will randomly purchase petrochemically-infused condoms—often needed after Spassfabrik Stimulus—to help reduce planetary overpopulation, and thereby maintain the delicate Spassfabrik balance for the rest of us. If that ain’t saving the planet, I don’t know what is. Here is the SSSTC Inc. IPO:


As you can see, she is beset by Global Warming. Help. Keep breathing…harder…


Good, that’s helping. Crystal has been known to heat things up. Keep breathing…


Yes, yes, all the ice had melted…no, don’t stop…


Yes, your CO2 exhalations seem to be warming things nicely. Keep it up…


Ooh, yes. It’s definitely getting hot here now. Keep going. Keep going…


Faster…harder…in…out…breeeeeeeeeeeeeath…yes, yes, yes…


Aah. Whew…don’t forget to hit the Spassfabrik widget repeatedly. Save the planet.

9 Responses

  1. Thanks, cbullitt šŸ˜‰

    Nice array of hawtness here, but the first one has me in a quandary: she has tanlines for her breasts, but NOT for her snooch??

    I like #5 best…something about the hair falling along the line of her breast šŸ™‚

  2. And I went to comment here yesterday, but there was no comment “box”. Now there is.
    This is a fine pictorial, demonstrating the known ability of said artists to cause drooling. Kinda Pavlovian, don’t you think?

  3. Aggie beat me to it. Them sure is some interestin tan lines. Makes you wonder how she spent her vacation – I wonder if the soles of her feet are sunburned?

  4. Glad you could put the icon to good use. Keep up the good snoochery.

  5. 2 & 5… urf.

  6. Damn!!! is it getting cold in here?

  7. #5 is gorgeous

  8. The widget works, CB. Boy does it.

  9. Looks like I’m a few days late on this, but nice post as always, CB.

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