Best AGW Hoax Promotion EVAH

I’m…not really seeing a downside here. Backside? Oh, yeah. đŸ˜‰

I found it at Tom Nelson’s yesterday, and only had time to share it on Teh Twit. Oh, and speaking of sharing, here’s something I really recommend you spread around the hyperverse. Just sayin’.

Fursday From The Gulag: Lexi


And with a full bar. Slide me one. Oh, and don’t forget to embiggenify.

Humpday Hawt: Gulag Edition



I’m Thinker Than I Dumb I Am

I just tried to import the first 2 years worth of Soylentry back to the original empty site. Oops–it deactivated that one too. I’ll have to stash them on Google or something. Good thing I didn’t send it here, would have ruined this…


Back to the…drawing board.

Construction Update, With New Iron Man 3 Trailer


Mwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. đŸ˜ˆ

I’ll let you know when this fully operational battlestation is ready to fire. Hey, even Tony Stark needs backup…

BTW, You Guys Are Awesome


With no real notice, you…came…as it were, by final tally 4,342. Now that’s a hockey stick. TY to LC and Clambake for the pimpage. And to all the rest of you also. Have a cookie.


Tuesday Tit-illation: Erin


Aussie Awesome. Click to embiggenify.