Humpday Hawt: Gulag Edition



I’m Thinker Than I Dumb I Am

I just tried to import the first 2 years worth of Soylentry back to the original empty site. Oops–it deactivated that one too. I’ll have to stash them on Google or something. Good thing I didn’t send it here, would have ruined this…


Back to the…drawing board.

BTW, You Guys Are Awesome


With no real notice, you…came…as it were, by final tally 4,342. Now that’s a hockey stick. TY to LC and Clambake for the pimpage. And to all the rest of you also. Have a cookie.


Four Years Later Motivationator

Well, I actually had a version of this post ready to go at the Soylent Homeworld, before the Cursed (pronounced curs ed) Code Monkeys shut me down for nothing on Saturday. So, we’ll start the 5th year hectoring the hyperverse here with…who else:

jade_green(Click for Embiggenification.)

Funny thing, I actually had more than 3,400 hits at the closed site Sunday. It will be closer to 0 today. So, until further notice Genius will be dispensed here. Spread the word, my minions. :twisted:

For added irony, look what I found in my comments yesterday…


Spassfabrik: Curse Of The Code Monkeys

Well since they shut down the homeworld for some imagined violation of TOS, here’s some snoocherie to tide you over…


Carrie Stevens07

Isis Taylor

Back To School Spassfabrik

But I did say back to school didn’t I…

Have a Spassfabrik September.

Spassfabrik Doggie Days

(All embiggenify, some exceptionally so.)

Have a Spassfabrik end of summer. ;-)

School’s Out With Sarah

Have a Spassfabrik summer…and don’t forget to embiggenify…something.

Spring Fever Spassfabrik

Ah…girls in nature…

Some embiggenify quite nicely…have fun discovering which.

And have a Spassfabrik Spring. ;-)

A Spassfabrik PSA For You Snoochers

For those of you who come here directly instead of from the main blog, that address has changed to

I thought you should know because there are Spassfabrik hotties who’ve appeared over there in the last week that you may have missed…and that’s a real shame. Some of these include the official blog babe:

A Wunder of Wunders…

A vintage vixen…

And the Shake any restaurant would pay to serve…

So stop on over, and update your browser links while you’re at it. BTW, two of these pics embiggenify substantially.

And don’t forget to stop back for the equinox…just sayin’.


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